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Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky delivered a short televised speech on the occasion of the martyrdom of Imam Ridha A.S which is dedicated to the Islamic resistance.

Sheikh highlights briefly on the life of Imam Ridha from Madina to Dhus, his struggle with the different group of people of different believes and faiths, his encounter with the then Abbasi rulers who sent him to his martyrdom.

“The shahada of Imam Ridha A.S became a symbol of resistance to the tyranny”
Sheikh said that Imam Ridha A.S has become an exemplar to the all resistance around the world today.

He stressed that today the enemy of Islam uses so many tricks, bad meaning and stigma to anything about or related to Islam like jihad, hijab, and many more.
Now the reflection of Imam Ridha’s struggle can be seen with the resistance as they sent the enemy into defensive mode.

The commemorations of martyrdom Imam Ridha A.S, his ancestors and progeny show the rise in the course of Imam Ridha and is on victory, as well as victory to Islamic resistance.

At the end Sheikh extended his greetings and solidarity to all Muslim resistance groups around the world, which include Palestinians resistance, Kashmiris, Bahrain and Yemeni Mujahideens.